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    Culligan Soft Water Portable Exchange Service

    Culligan Soft Water Portable Exchange Service is an excellent way to get soft water without having to buy, install and maintain a water softening system.
    With Portable Exchange Service, your Culligan Service Technician will deliver a fresh regeneration tank to provide soft water whenever you want it. Because there’s no unit to install, you don’t need electricity or a water drain to use Portable Exchange Service. It’s a truly flexible and convenient way to enjoy soft water in your home, apartment, condo, town home or seasonal home.

    Culligan Portable Exchange Service is an ideal solution for those who want soft water without having to install or maintain their own unit.

    Our Portable Exchange Service:

    • Offers a flexible, convenient choice for soft water in seasonal homes, lake houses, apartments, condos, town homes, rental properties, or homes with limited utility space
    • Requires no electricity
    • Delivers soft, conditioned water year-round
    • Provides the convenience of regularly-scheduled tank deliveries
    • Saves you the time and hassle of having to add salt or chemicals
    • Offers a perfect solution for communities with saline restrictions
    • Benefits the environment by eliminating salt water discharge into sewer and septic systems

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